Grey is the New Black !!!

The specific purpose of undershirts like other undergarments, which include vests, was to protect the outer cloth from touching the body. However, their invention was insignificant since 18th century where bathing was an uncommon practice among human beings. Nowadays, the purpose of undershirts is different. Currently, the choice of an undershirt is dependent on color. The grey shirt is emerging as the most preferred undershirts among users. The material used in making the undershirt is the silver-infused anti-microbial fabric. This paper will provide a detailed analysis about benefits of grey undershirt, in addition to analyzing silver infused anti-microbial fabric.

Color plays an important role in persuading men to choose an undershirt. The most predominant undershirt, in this case, is the grey shirt, in comparison with a white shirt. Additionally, the choice of undershirt depends on the fashion sense of the wearer. The common types of grey undershirt include the crew neck, V-neck, and tank top style, in addition to the compression shirts. However, fashion plays a greater role since V-neck grey undershirt is common to individuals wearing a shirt without a tie. On the other hand, crew neck grey undershirt is common when individuals wear shirts with a collar.

The functions of grey undershirts include protecting the outer clothes from sweat, and body odors and hedging the body against external elements like bad weather. The common undershirt colors are white and grey. However, the grey undershirt is superior since it is largely invisible and takes longer for armpit stains to appear.

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