Undershirts are something many of us use, but there is not much writing or evidence about when and from where they originate. Underwear, as we see them today, came out of the US military. The military used it in the Navy. They were also worn by people from other cultures such as China. It became popular in the US in the early 20th century. Different people wore the undershirt for various purposes. It was extensively worn in winters as additional protection against cold. For a long time, it was worn to protect the delicate handmade clothes from sweat. Recently, there was the emergence of the compression or slimming vest which could be categorized as another type of undershirt.

Undershirt can be classified into various kinds. Here we are going to categorize them based on their uses and purposes-

Tank tops- these undershirts are practically useless; they do not provide much protection against sweating since the armpit area is open. They have to be tucked in well for it not to be shown outside the shirt you’re wearing

Crew neck undershirt- these undershirts provide an overall good protection against sweating, but it gives a worn look to your formal wear by popping out of your shirt since it covers all the way up to your neck.

V-neck undershirt- these are the best type of undershirt with a v neck so it wouldn’t show out and it has no armholes so in short, it’s the combination of the best parts of the tank tops and crew neck combined.

These are the types of undershirts that have existed in the market, and now there are many other kinds to serve people with different problems. One such issue is the problem of excessive sweating which cannot be countered with a regular undershirt. There are brands which realize this issue and have made their undershirts with underarm sweat pads stitched to provide better protection against sweating. Most of these undershirts are expensive; this is where the Deep V Tee undershirt plays its part. It does this and much more for a reasonable price without compromising on its excellent quality.


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    Silver white is the best.

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    It was an excellent undershirt.

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