About Us



It was two years after my graduation when I decided to quit my job and build my own startup. When I started, I was on a journey to build the best possible undershirt. I hated it when the generic retail undershirts I wore did not help me with the embarrassing sweat marks. Also, they added an overall bulk to my size. This is when I decided to create DEEPVTEE undershirts, to overcome the above obstacles. Over time I added more and more features such as "anti-bacterial fabric" and "always tucked in feature". Now I believe this undershirt has reached the peak of what an undershirt possibly can be.

My team and I prioritized the fabric since it was the building block of an undershirt. We made a 100% premium cotton undershirt and gave free samples out. It worked but it wasn’t enough. The feedback we got from these samples helped me improve the fabric. Over time we were able to obtain the best possible fabric – Lenzing Modal Fabric. When we finally started to sell the undershirt, the positive feedback we received was invaluable. By collecting every feedback, we have continuously improved and increased our collection of undergarments. we are happy to say, our company has grown at a steady state, introducing more and more functional undergarments. Learning every step of the journey, making our undergarments better with each iteration.

Robert Sha